GOJANI REAL ESTATE is at your disposal with a range of services that we will personally, or in cooperation with certified experts, do quickly, with quality and professionally for you.

- mediation in the purchase, sale, lease and rental of all types of real estate
- credit financing intermediation
- resolving property-legal relations
- real estate appraisal
- dividing up of land /parcelling
- condominium apportionment
- legalization
- energy certification
- architectural design
- urban planning
- interior adaptations
- interior design and decoration
- custom-made furniture


We acquaint our clients with tax, legal and other obligations. Jobs related to terms such as "registration, land registry, cadastre" are well known to us as well as to the lawyer with whom we work closely. The client's legal security in real estate transactions is deeply embedded in the way we conduct our business.


We want to make it easier for you not only the purchase process but also everything else after that.
We offer you the service of property maintenance, rental monitoring, cleaning, minor repairs and everything you need if you want to deal with the service of renting tourist accommodation or simply do not find the time to take care of your property.
We offer several different packages, so you can choose what best suits your wants and needs.